For Investors

Right now we are looking for funding to finish beta version and start working with users. We are also interested in being acquired. Investing in our project is perspective because:

  • our TAM is about 50 million users
  • number of our potential users can be roughly estimated as 50K-1M
  • before starting the project we have studied solutions and approaches from our competitors (Zoho Docs, Google docs, MS online Office, etc) and provided architecture to avoid limitations, that they have
  • our customers may use the editor with their own data storage, so they are sure that their data is not leaked or being a subject of surveillance programs
  • DOCX layouting engine can be sold on its own for using in other software products, the market has only few competitors yet
  • Editor can be compiled as a desktop application for any platform including tablets and mobile devices

  • We have detailed document about business potential and our competitive advantages. Please contact us and we will send it to you.